A guide to this web site

In this web site, you can find a selected set of short articles and papers prepared by Kumiharu SHIGEHARA as well as his press and television interview reports and other materials. They were made during both his 20-year service as a central bank official at the Bank of Japan, and his affiliation with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris where he worked on four different occasions for a total of 17 years. The set includes materials prepared by Shigehara as an independent person after his departure at end-August 1999 from the OECD where he was Deputy Secretary-General and Chief Economist.
The materials here shown cover a wide range of policy issues: monetary, fiscal and foreign exchange rate policies, international finance, economic growth, structural reform, employment and unemployment, populations ageing, economic efficiency and social justice, income distribution, technological innovation, education, and issues relating to international institutional set-ups.
More professional or technical papers not shown in the set may be found in the selected list of publications.
Note that a number of materials were prepared in Japanese or in English only and corresponding versions in the other language are not necessarily shown in the web site in that language.